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Wellness Hotel Reissenlehen

Set aside your everyday life and immerse yourself in the source of relaxation



"If people would only take half as much care to keep themselves healthy as they unconsciously take trouble to get sick - they would be spared half the diseases." (Sebastian Kneipp)

...this is the motto of the Naturhotel Reissenlehen concept.


Steam bath, sauna and co.: The offers of our wellness area

In addition to physiotherapy, you will find a wide range of offers in our wellness and beauty area.

In the indoor Kneipp facility, you can experience for yourself the effect of Kneipp treatments, which are so simple and yet ingenious.

The smallest nerve points in the skin receive the water stimulus and pass it on to the central nervous system, from there to the vegetative nervous system, the target of the Kneipp treatments. The vegetative nervous system controls all unconscious functions such as blood pressure, heart, circulation, heat balance, metabolism and hormone system.

Our indoor Kneipp facility includes a plunge pool, a cold-water arm bath and a spacious pool for treading water. You can experience the beneficial properties of cold water for yourself. Metabolic functions and lymphatic activity are stimulated, harmful substances are excreted more effectively, and the heart and circulation are relieved. Flat casts with a special pouring tube is the type of cast that is suitable for self-treatment - here you can pour the water at low pressure over the parts of the body to be treated and control the intensity of the stimulus yourself - the larger the area of the body that is poured over, the stronger the stimulus can be.


An alternating bath of sensations

In the alternating foot bath, which is located in the sauna area, a longer warm foot bath is followed by a shorter cool bath. A warming footbath can also round off a complete sauna session (with cold water bath). It stimulates the circulation and thus promotes venous return from the legs.

The foot reflexology course rounds off the Kneipp area. Here, the foot reflex zones are stimulated in different ways. The intensity of the stimulation varies from segment to segment, resulting in a lasting stimulation of the entire organism. You will leave this area with a completely new body feeling.

Another relaxation area is located next to the indoor Kneipp facility. Here, in addition to a newly created sauna equipped with a coloured light device, a steam bath and an infrared cabin await you.

Recharge your batteries, gather energy and above all strengthen your own defences - the optimal start to a healthy and successful life.

Blockhaussauna im Natruhotel Reissenlehen


The Finn sums it up with one of his old proverbs:

"In the sauna, anger dissipates."

In the charmingly designed log cabin sauna, located in the outdoor area, you can gaze into the flames in a wood-burning stove and unwind.

Come to rest in the sauna

The health benefits of sauna bathing have been proven in many ways. It has a stabilising effect on the heart and circulation and balances out a wide range of negative environmental influences. Metabolism and perspiration functions normalise and your immune system is at its best. You can enjoy the effect of colours for relaxation for body, mind and soul with the coloured light device.

Let the different colours stimulate, excite and relax you. The sauna meets a real need of the people of our time. Daily stress leaves you largely cold, your nerves come to rest and your skin becomes finer, clearer and therefore looks younger. The skin is cleansed from the inside and the blood supply is increased. If this is followed by cold stimuli, such as the Kneipp method with the water hose or by cooling down in the plunge pool, the blood vessels in the skin are constricted again and the skin is tightened as a result.

After the sauna session, you can use the indoor pool with a counter-current system and underwater massage jet.

A special feature at the Wellnesshotel Reissenlehen is the swimming pond during the summer months. Look forward to healthy bathing fun, to clear, well-tempered water from our hotel's own mountain spring (highly energetic in drinking water quality). Thanks to the interaction of physical and plant-based water purification, the bathing water contains no chemicals. The system is based on the purification processes of a natural lake: the constant circulation of water and the specially adapted planting of the regeneration area.

Relaxed, you can admire the mountain world of the Berchtesgaden Alps from your deck chair and completely switch off in the surrounding tranquillity.

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