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Your hosts family Irlinger

Grown togetherness out of conviction

Three generations stick together here at the Naturhotel Reissenlehen.
Preserving the tried and tested, daring the new - that is the motto of the Irlinger family.
There are some very special people who complement the family team and contribute with substantial programmes: Body and physiotherapists, pool attendants, sauna masters, masseurs and a professional beauty and SPA team.

As a guest, you experience the natural cordiality of the entire hotel staff almost as a matter of course. (Almost) all wishes are fulfilled obligingly and with a lot of creativity!

If you spend your holidays here, you will come back!

Mariane Irlinger Senior Chefin
Sepp Ihringer Senior Chef

The seniors

Marianne Irlinger is the boss at Naturhotel Reissenlehen with a fine sense of harmony and unity. She has everything under control. She knows all the appointments and remembers the weekly schedule. Her creative solutions to guests' special requests simply elicit an appreciative smile from everyone.
And if things get hot in the kitchen because the orders are very varied, she keeps track of everything and with a "...we can do it!" ensures a smooth process and - happy guests!
Marianne knows about the benefits of nature here in the Reissenlehen. The view of the Berchtesgaden mountains alone calms people down and makes their hearts beat a few beats slower. She conveys this calmness like a rock in the surf, even if on one day it may seem as if "behind the scenes" everything is going haywire...

Sepp Irlinger has always been in the mountains, even as a boy. He loves the power of nature, the clean air and the clear mountain water. No wonder that "health from nature" became the theme of the hotel. Sepp Irlinger puts his heart and soul into his work, he doesn't let anything or anyone stop him from giving his guests specially tailored hiking tour tips or from mixing the sauna infusion himself, finely tuned with natural essential oils. All day long, precision work and expertise are required to maintain this idyllic property. The wood for the heating comes from their own forests and is cut and processed by themselves. Nevertheless, Sepp consciously takes the time for his guests and - a "joke" in between is also allowed.
With a lot of passion and a good sense for tradition and trend, Sepp Irlinger leads the fortunes of the Reissenlehen. It is this farsightedness, coupled with determination, that stands for authentic development with a healthy measure. Sepp Irlinger sees daring to try something new and unknown as an incentive. But it is just as important to him to preserve the old, the tried and tested and to lead it into a new era.

Christiane Irlinger Rezeption
Werner Irlinger Chef Naturhotel Reissenlehen

The Juniors

Christiane Irlinger welcomes her guests with attentive cordiality. She manages the reception with a steady hand and takes care of the hotel business with a wide range of activities. For Christiane Irlinger, making guests feel comfortable and happy to come back is both an aspiration and an obligation. This is only possible with dedication and, above all, heart and soul. She brings both to the family business in her charming way and ensures strong cohesion. She draws strength and energy from the feeling of being connected to nature and home. Growing up here, you become part of the whole. The natural life in the countryside makes you happy - with horses, chickens, guinea pigs - everything that goes with it. When Christiane gallops across the meadows on horseback in the picture-perfect landscape, the clarity of nature makes you forget all the hustle and bustle of everyday life and sensory overload. She conveys this contentment and clarity to her guests in a sympathetic way...

Werner Irlinger is a tinkerer and has learned the art of cooking from scratch. He cooks regionally, heartily and originally. The dishes are served classically - or a little differently. And because he knows exactly which regional basic products are needed to make it enjoyable, he selects the best that the Berchtesgadener Land has to offer. However, the creativity of the junior chef is not limited to the kitchen. His secret passion is building and working, which is why you see him riding the excavator with full commitment when construction measures require it. This is how, with a lot of commitment and ingenious ideas, the extraordinary is created - of which there is quite a lot at Naturhotel Reissenlehen. Because even in architecture and interior design - if Werner Irlinger has his way - things can be a little bit different....

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