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Source of well-being

The fascination of a special landscape.

The Naturhotel Reissenlehen towers majestically above the valley of Berchtesgaden. Surrounded by the most beautiful mountains of this alpine region, the hotel is nestled in the meadow slope, only 6 minutes by car outside the centre of the market town of Berchtesgaden.
Arriving in the middle of nature, the vastness of the views captivates all those who leave everyday life behind.

Those who spend their holidays in the Alpine biosphere reserve discover a special region and experience the wonderful power of nature.  The only German Alpine National Park makes it possible to experience the fascination of wilderness up close.

Pristine nature - mountain lakes, alluvial forests, high heaths, moors and alpine pastures - all around Berchtesgaden bear witness to biological diversity and a functioning ecosystem. Here, free development is still possible for flora and fauna - and for people.
Mountains do not only mean the beauty of a landscape. The power of the mountains fills up our energy stores. The mountain world has a positive influence, lets us feel a natural dynamic towards more joie de vivre. This has an invigorating, strengthening and overall regenerating effect on body and mind.

At the Naturhotel Reissenlehen, above Berchtesgaden, this nature is close at hand. Hikes, mountain bike tours and, in winter, ski tours, can be started directly from the hotel.

Wasserqualität im Reissenlehen
Kneipp im Naturhotel Reissenlehen

Drawing energy from a bubbling source.

On a sunny slope in clear air, the Naturhotel Reissenlehen nestles in the field meadows.
A place with a special aura. On the mountain slope above Berchtesgaden bubbles a clear, fresh mountain spring with power-place quality. The knowledge of such watercourses as charged sources of energy is ancient; and if you want to sensitise your sense for a place that does you good, this is the right place!
Water is the source of life. The human body consists of about three quarters water and needs it for all metabolic processes.

At the Naturhotel Reissenlehen, the regenerating, health-promoting energy of water is put to full use!

Water cures, baths and showers, in combination with other natural elements, strengthen the body's defences and, incidentally, act as a skin-firming elixir of beauty.
The beneficial treatments have a positive effect on the body: blood circulation is stimulated, tension is relieved and the immune system is boosted.

The programmes for relaxation and regeneration at Naturhotel Reissenlehen - the source of well-being - are surprisingly versatile.

"The water quality of the spring..."

The water from the Reissen spring has a very high degree of purity and, according to the test results, is even above drinking water quality. The spring water is tested once a year.

Since the Drinking Water Ordinance stipulates comprehensive requirements and structural measures, the implementation of which, however, is too costly for a medium-sized business, the water from the Reissen spring may unfortunately not be offered as drinking water in the hotel.

At the Naturhotel Reissenlehen there are special service packages for
for health maintenance, relaxation and pleasurable enjoyment of life.
Immerse yourself in the source of well-being, in the middle of the Berchtesgaden Alps.

Massagen im Naturhotel Reissenlehen
Oldtimer Rossfeld Historic

Nature-loving with heart and mind.

Nature awareness and sustainability go hand in hand and are part of everyday life at Naturhotel Reissenlehen.

The hotel is heated exclusively with wood from its own, sustainable forest management.
The heat comes from the Co2-neutral wood chip plant; and a heat recovery system optimises energy consumption.
Even sweating in the log cabin sauna is stimulated by the cosy warmth of a wood-burning stove - it's a very special sauna experience and tension melts like vanilla ice cream.

In the kitchen, Werner Irlinger uses many local ingredients. The herbs are picked in his own garden and the jams are homemade. All food is purchased from regional producers whenever possible, so there is no doubt about origin or processing; and moreover, local businesses are supported.

Try cosiness ...
This maxim is at the heart of the modern Alpine interior design at Naturhotel Reissenlehen.
The guests are allowed to feel at home - that is the declared goal of the Irlinger family.
Almost all the furniture, furnishings and accessories in the Naturhotel Reissenlehen are made of natural materials. Especially the solid wood and salt stone elements of the interior design provide a healthy feel-good ambience.

Needs, expectations and interaction with the surrounding space are individually different and change. Naturhotel Reissenlehen is constantly thinking about this, and with every new visit you can see that new ideas and services have been devised for the guest, for example a new charging station for electric bicycles, which is provided free of charge.


Nostalgia, sustainability and continuity

Products with timelessness, last a long time. That is sustainable in the sense of long-term. Vintage cars symbolise duration, continuity, originality and history. They are symbolic of quality of life and - reflection on old values.

Owners of automobile icons are welcome guests at the Naturhotel Reissenlehen.
The Irlinger family themselves maintain a small collection of historic vehicles and share a passion for the special charm of classic cars.

They are well equipped to accommodate and look after the exclusive vehicles and their owners. At the same time, the needs of all guests are taken into consideration and harmonious relationships are created between classic car fans and those who want to be...

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