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Water applications

Strengthen your health with Kneipp

Healing and beneficial at the same time: Kneipp treatments at the Naturhotel Reissenlehen in Berchtesgaden

Wasserqualität im Reissenlehen
Kneipp im Naturhotel Reissenlehen

Everything that flows has power.

Water is existential for the human body - inside and out. We constantly carry the essential qualities of water - flowing, connecting, adapting, filling, penetrating - within us, as our body is mainly made of water. The natural movements of water that we can observe in a stream, for example, can also be found in humans. The flow and the movement bring the body into shape. The aim of the treatments here at Naturhotel Reissenlehen is to feel these flowing movements again, which create a natural formation, to loosen fixations and to achieve balance.

By using the naturally pure spring water, all Kneipp treatments at the Naturhotel Reissenlehen are additionally supported in their health-promoting effect.

A life in balance with nature, that was the philosophy of Sebastian Kneipp. With his knowledge of the healing effects of water and medicinal plants, he developed a holistic health concept. His methods and views from back then are still in demand and have evolved. Today, healing through water is called hydrotherapy.

Aims of the Kneipp treatments

Kneipp harmonises and stabilises the basic functions such as breathing, circulation, heat balance, metabolism, digestion, nervous and hormonal system and strengthens the immune system.  Many functional disorders without organic damage, known as vegetative dystonia, can be regulated and favourably influenced in the long term by Kneipp applications.

"If people would only take half as much care to keep themselves healthy as they unconsciously take trouble to get sick - they would be spared half the diseases." -Sebastian Kneipp

"Just as one can thereby be useful to the body and protect it from diseases and infirmities of all kinds by hardening the feet and also the whole body and making them resistant, so one can achieve further significant hardening by walking in water, in damp grass, on wet stones and finally also in snow." - Sebastian Kneipp

In our indoor Kneipp facility, you can experience the effects of Kneipp treatments first-hand.

Kneipp is as simple as it is ingenious: millions of nerves pick up the stimuli that are brought to the skin with the water and cause the body to react positively.

The water temperature determines the effect.

The water treatments can be precisely dosed in temperature and extent of the treated body area: the temperature of the water is chosen according to the patient's readiness to react. For prevention, the cool area is chosen, as it is able to trigger more powerful effects. Apart from the extent of the treated body area and the chosen temperature, the intensity can be increased by alternately applying cold (short-lasting) and warm stimuli (longer-lasting).


Indoor Kneippanlage
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