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Your classic car hotel in Berchtesgadener Land

For a holiday with a classic car or for classic car enthusiasts

We, from Hotel Reissenlehen, are enthusiastic classic car fans and have restored a few classic cars ourselves.

Classic car exhibition in the new building

A special feature of the Naturhotel Reissenlehen: The Irlinger family shares with their guests the joy of fascinating, aged vehicles with style, class and charm. Several old-timers have been lovingly restored with their own hands and can be viewed by guests. On about 200 square metres, beautiful vintage cars - among others an Audi S1 Rally Quattro (faithful replica) - a family tractor and a motorbike can be viewed in our outbuilding. During the guided tour Sepp Irlinger tells stories and anecdotes with passion.

Pictures from the inauguration ceremony of the exhibition:

Einweihungsfeier Oldtimer Ausstellung
Einweihungsfeier Oldtimer Ausstellung
Einweihungsfeier Oldtimer Ausstellung
Einweihungsfeier Oldtimer Ausstellung

Relaxation and recreation holidays in a first-class classic car hotel.
Experience the Berchtesgadener Land and the Salzkammergut with your classic car.
Our world-famous Rossfeld Hohenringstrasse (legendary Rossfeld mountain race), and the unique mountain scenery in one of the most beautiful regions of Germany are just inviting for a classic car trip.

What could be better, to experience your holiday with your best piece at our Oldtimer Hotel....?

Why not go on an oldie tour through our beautiful country. We are at your disposal with advice and assistance.

Special features for our classic car guests (hotel guests):

  • Carport or garage
  • Lifting platform & tools
  • Tour description
  • Guided tours (carpooling)


Mercedes Cabrio
Käfer Cabrio mieten in Berchtesgaden
Einweihungsfeier Oldtimer Ausstellung
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Fantastic routes

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