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Natural swimming pond with biotope in the middle of the mountains

Bathing fun in the purest form of water

Here at the Naturhotel Reissenlehen, the energy of pure spring water is combined with the power of the mountains.
Nestled in the hotel garden is a true speciality as a source of life and enjoyment, here it is called: immerse yourself in pure nature!
The natural swimming biotope is a bathing lake and flower paradise - in unity and purity.
The crystal-clear water reflects the mountains of Berchtesgaden and invites you to take a refreshing dip in the bathing pond.
The pure spring water embraces the body in a soothing and protective way.
The energy of natural purity, from the cycle of nature, has a vitalising effect and brings us to our own centre.

Immerse yourself, submerge yourself and simply arrive - with yourself.

Sitting on the shore.
Looking up and into the water.
Watching the gently flowing movement. Admire water lilies and follow the play of dragonflies...
That is: immerse yourself in pure nature!

Our bathing pond is fed by our own spring. Fresh, healthy mountain spring water - highly energetic. The quality exceeds drinking water quality and the purity is maintained exclusively by biological means, without the addition of chemicals. For this purpose, a regeneration pool was created next to the swimming area. The plants and microorganisms in this pool take over the cleaning and filtering function in an environmentally friendly way and thus always ensure that the healthy, pure water quality is maintained here at Naturhotel Reissenlehen.

It is an incomparable experience to swim in the natural swimming biotope or to loll on one of the relaxation loungers, surrounded by the magnificent mountain landscape of the Berchtesgaden Alps and a garden in bloom in summer at Naturhotel Reissenlehen.




Natural swimming pond at the Wellnesshotel Reissenlehen


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