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Pure relaxation in Bavaria

At the Wellnesshotel Reissenlehen**** in Bischofswiesen near Berchtesgaden.

The tried and tested massages loosen the muscles, release blockages and promote deep relaxation.

Targeted grips help to alleviate discomfort and increase general well-being. All massages are plus after-rest time.

In order to be able to meet your appointment wishes, we ask you to arrange your very personal wellness programme with us from home, before your arrival, by telephone on +49 8652 6558041.

Because your well-being is very important to us!



The following optional services can be booked in addition to each massage:

Mud pack 10 €

Alpine herb pack 10 €

The natural moor packs are made of 100% high-quality moor from Leopoldskron-Moss in Salzburg.
They have a beneficial effect on rheumatic complaints, joint problems, back or neck pain!


Ideal for tension in the neck and back. In a relatively short time, individual parts of the body can be relaxed and thus the harmonisation of the entire organism can be achieved.

Neck or back, 25 minutes each | 40 €


Through vigorous stroking and kneading, even larger muscle groups become supple and well supplied with blood.
50 minutes | 75 €


Our entire organs are reflected on the sole of our feet. The aim of this special massage technique is to restore harmony in the body and activate the self-healing powers. 

40 minutes | 59 €


Let your skin and senses be pampered with Farfalla's unique gemstone oils. This massage will keep you in balance and make your beauty shine.
Farfalla's gemstone oils combine the balancing properties of gemstones with moisturising organic jojoba oil, which nourishes and regenerates the skin.

50 minutes | 85 €


REGERATION: This oil brings the necessary energy to get back on your feet.
ANTI-STRESS: This oil helps to cope with the inevitable everyday stress with calm and strength and increases resilience.
Serenity: Helps deep relaxation and restless minds to distance and inner peace.
IN FLOWING: Brings energies to flow and dissolves blockages.
JUNGBRUNNEN: Supports cleansing processes and helps to get rid of frustration, worries and negative attitudes. You feel vital and comfortable in your skin again.
JOY OF LIFE: Loving massages with this oil help to make life courageous, sensual and joyful, against all odds.
Serenity: Helps deep relaxation and restless minds to distance and inner peace.


Lymphatic drainage activates the lymphatic system and stimulates the entire metabolism. Due to the improved removal of waste products, lymph drainage acts like a natural fountain of youth. It relieves stress on all levels and gives a feeling of lightness.

50 minutes | 60 €


Relaxing peeling with sea salt and algae or sea salt oil peeling based on sea salt and lime algae. A particularly gentle and refreshing peeling, using natural minerals without harmful ingredients. Blood circulation is stimulated, dead skin cells are removed and subsequent care products can be better absorbed.

25 minutes | 39 €


with Permanent Contour®
This herbal stamp massage is something very special!

With our Permanent Contour® steaming device, perfectly steamed and well-tempered stamps are guided over the body in a targeted manner. It is like being touched by a warm hand. The skin and tissue are vitalised and supplied with blood and the body begins to detoxify and purify. You choose from a selection of different and effective ingredients and receive a unique holistic massage with a relaxing deep effect.

Back and legs 25 minutes | 40 €
Full body 50 minutes | 90 €
Full body and face 75 minutes | 110 €

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83483 Bischofswiesen bei Berchtesgaden • Reißenpoint 11 • Fax. +49(0)8652 97720220

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