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Economy and ecology on a wellness holiday in Bavaria

Our natural pool

From economy and ecology



Our natural swimming pool is divided into a bathing area and a vegetated regeneration area. Plants and microorganisms give the natural pool a natural self-cleaning power.

This is additionally promoted by circulating the water through the substrate filter on the one hand and the skimmer for cleaning the surface water on the other.

Clear and clean: the water in the natural pool

The constant flow through the water body resulting from the circulation ensures hygienically impeccable water quality. The substrate filter ensures clear water in the natural pool. It consists of a planted filter bed filled with a specially developed filter substrate. With the help of a pump, the water is sucked in under the filter substrate and then returned to the natural pool.

The fine pores of the filter substrate filter the smallest particles, such as algae and other turbid matter, out of the water. The slow flow speed in the plant filter protects the smallest organisms, the zooplankton, which are particularly important for the biological balance in the water. Visually, the swimming pond is a mixture of pool and pond, the water is clear and clean.

The swimming pond guarantees bathing fun in naturally clear and pleasantly tempered clean water without chemicals through biological water treatment.


Woodchip heating

Our hotel, the wellness area and the indoor swimming pool are heated with renewable biomass (wood chips). This heating system has an automatic central heating boiler for woodchip pellets and other bioenergy sources. The design of the combustion chamber, the innovative output and combustion control, enable an efficient and clean use of wood energy with high efficiency and low emissions.

Our natural outdoor pool, indoor pool, Kneipp facility, plunge pool, arm plunge pool and pedal pool are naturally fed with water from our own artesian spring. The water is highly energetic and of drinking water quality.

What is an artesian spring?

The water comes up from the earth on its own, without any drilling, as mature water.

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