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Spa and relaxation in Berchtesgadener Land

Barefoot trail - feeling nature at every turn


Indoor barefoot

The indoor barefoot course at Naturhotel Reissenlehen must be unique! One of the many brilliant ideas of the creative father-son team, Sepp and Werner Irlinger, the hosts of the Naturhotel above Berchtesgaden. When you discover the sensory path near the Kneipp facility in the wellness area, you will be delighted by the sight of the very aesthetic-looking indoor course, which immediately makes you want to play and try it out.

The path is built into the floor and the soles of our feet are allowed to feel shaped waves, rollers and natural river stones in different sizes and shapes. Treading carefully and keeping your balance not only has a positive effect on the foot reflex zones, but is also a very good workout for the hips and lower back.

Walking on the indoor barefoot course at Naturhotel Reissenlehen belongs on the "must-do list"! You just have to love so much fun and joy!


Outdoor barefoot

A classic outdoor barefoot course, but still unusual for a hotel. That's just how it is at Naturhotel Reissenlehen, many things are different from anywhere else - and that's what makes it so special!
Our feet play a supporting role, we know that at Naturhotel Reissenlehen and that's why there are wonderful offers and healthy treatments here: All around and for the foot!

Therefore: Get out of your shoes and go barefoot. This is beneficial and healthy.
On the path of the senses, the feet are pampered and stimulated by different, natural materials with a variety of impressions: wood chips, tree trunks, spruce cones, gravel, sand, stream stones and rolled gravel.

Barefoot trail and Kneipp facility at Hotel Reissenlehen Berchtesgaden

We have set up a barefoot trail for our hotel guests directly in front of our hotel. Walking barefoot is beneficial and healthy. The different materials pamper the feet with a variety of sensory impressions - at every turn. The fresh spring water of the integrated Kneipp facility stimulates the blood circulation, the organism is stimulated and the immune system is activated. Look forward to a natural foot reflexology massage that is fun and promotes health.

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