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Naturschwimm-Biotop mitten in den Bergen

Natural Swimming Lagoon

Our Swinng-Lagoon offers a variety on stunning fawcetts: silence in the middle of the Berchtesgaden Alpine Panorama in Bavaria.

You can find this nature event directly in front of our hotel in Berchtesgaden. Take a break from your everyday life while jumping into the water at the very morning or after a long hiking journey.

Look forward to a healthy bathing fun and well-tempered clear water from our vey own mountain spring (high effective in drinking water quality). Trough teamplay between physical and natural water clearance, the bathing water contains no chemistry. The system relys on natural clearing systems of the lagoon - the circle of water and the special flora all around the regeneration area.


Our swimming lagoon is the purest form of water - purely through nature's energy. It will be a pleasure for you to feel the well-tempered water after a sunbath or a visit of our wellness area and the sauna.

Since 2004: Direclty in front of our house you're able to relax and regenerate with always pure water. Our high water quality is achieved without any addition of chemistry. The temperature at the swimming lagoon is always warm enough for bathing.

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